With roots on the U.S./Mexico border, Cinco Puntos publishes great books which make a difference in the way you see the world.
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Looking for a great field trip?

Our Publishing Workshop is a field trip for students of all ages.

El Paso’s Cinco Puntos Press offers a Publishing Workshop and Field Trip which will introduce your students to the world of publishing. The hour-long workshop includes a tour of Cinco Puntos offices at 701 Texas Avenue, and the selection of a book of their choice. Students will find out that a book doesn’t just get written (that might even be the easy part!): it needs to be edited, translated, designed, illustrated, shipped and distributed, advertised and marketed. We’ll show them how a book goes from manuscript to final copy, using samples of the beautiful bilingual children’s books that we have produced ourselves. And they’ll get to meet the people who actually do these jobs. These questions and more will be answered:

  • How do we decide what books to publish?
  • How do we pick an illustrator?
  • How much do writers make for a published book?
  • Who puts the illustration and the text together?
  • Where do the books get printed?
  • What happens once the book is finished?
  • How do we decide what a book costs?
  • Students will then have an opportunity to ask their own questions. We can talk about the publishing business and the business of writing from almost any perspective—we’ve been publishing books for 20 years.

    After this, we’ll have a story time, using a book appropriate for the age of the students. And then—the best part—every student will be able to choose a book to take home!

    Workshop costs: $20 per student. Minimum number of students is 25; maximum is 40. We can customize the workshop for a variety of different needs—elementary, middle school, high school, creative writing students, students of the border, newcomers who speak very little English, and more. Call Lee Byrd at 915-838-1625 or email Lee at to book your publishing workshop.

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