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Choose Your Days Choose Your Days
by Paula Wallace

Old Bear gives baby Corky the keys to her days. “Choose your days,” he whispers. "Make them sunny or grey.”

Rani Patel In Full Effect Rani Patel In Full Effect
by Sonia Patel

Rani finds empowerment on stage as MC Sutra, "Call my solution a female revolution/Retribution in the form of rhyme electrocution."

For a multimedia experience of Rani Patel, In Full Effect, listen to author Sonia Patel's playlist on Spotify, and watch Sonia spittin' 16-year-old Rani's rhymes in this YouTube clip.

Photographs of My Father Photographs of My Father
A Lost Narrative from the Civil Rights Era:
by Paul Spike

In 1966, a man killed civil-rights leader Rev. Robert Spike. Was it an assassination? Was it simply murder? Paul Spike attempts to rescue his father and himself with the truth.

“So unforgettable that I felt my heart was breaking when I came to the end.” —Paul Auster, on reading the new edition with Paul Spike's Afterword

"We will always remember his unswerving dedication to the legitimate aspirations of oppressed people for freedom and human dignity. It was my personal pleasure and sacred privilege to work closely with him in various undertakings as we continue to grapple with the ancient evils of man’s inhumanity to man."—Martin Luther King, in a telegram to Robert Spike's widow and two sons after hearing of his friend's murder

“So we not only believe Mr. Spike's story and participate in its comedy, its terror, its extreme pain and ultimate triumph. We also can identify with the author to the point where we understand both his private suffering and the rage he finally vented against the system. For Mr. Spike doesn't whine or exhort or rationalize or rail or ask for sympathy. He simply states how things were with the utmost insight and candor.” —Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, The New York Times in a review of the first edition of Photographs of My Father. The New York Times would later place the book on its Best of 1973 List.

“We don’t believe these assassinations are an accident. We believe there is a conspiracy. Too many of our most important leaders have been assassinated. John F. Kennedy, his brother Robert, Dr. King, Robert Spike…” —Hosea Williams, SCLC civil rights leader

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Paul Spike
Paul Spike
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Sheila Black
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Sonia Patel

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MUST READ: Sheila Black's moving essay, “Passing My Disability on to My Children” MUST READ: Sheila Black's moving essay, “Passing My Disability on to My Children”
September 11, 2016

From New York Times Opinion Section, Sheila Black's moving essay, "Passing My Disability on to My Children,” shows she is a wise and wonderful woman. Cinco Puntos is honored to be among her friends and publishers. Sheila is the co-editor, and the mover & shaker, of Beauty is a Verb, The New Poetry of Disability, and The Right Way to Be Crippled and Naked.
Read her New York Times essay here.

"Words should fly like airplanes over custom offices and international borders, and should land in all the fields" - Vicente Huidobro

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