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Listen to a New Tall Tale from Joe Hayes
Listen to a New Tall Tale from Joe Hayes November 28, 2016
--Michelle Lange

Lucky us! Lucky you! We get to send you another one of Joe Hayes’ really tall tales. Remember The Gum-Chewing Rattler? My Pet Rattlesnake? The Love-Sick Skunk?—those wonderful stretched-out stories that came straight up from Joe’s owl-eyed kid days in Arizona.

This time around Joe remembers how his parents, who grew up during the Great Depression, would talk about making do with whatever little bit they had. They really knew how to make do! His economy-minded mom—or so he says—used one hambone week after week to flavor the beans they ate for Sunday dinner, much to his grandpa’s delight. But it was Grandpa’s false teeth that really became attached to that hambone, so attached, in fact, that they wouldn’t let go of it. Then comes a great splash! when Grandpa’s false teeth fall down the well and that recycled hambone ​and quick-thinking boys come to the rescue.
Joe Hayes, Author and Storyteller for the Ages
Like Joe's miraculous hambone, generations of children have been reading and re-reading his books, so much so that librarians will tell you that his books leave the library more than they do! Kids today— their mothers, fathers and grandparents before them—delight in the imaginary worlds of Joe's stories. Like Joe’s grandpa knew for a fact, his stories are like a hambone. They keep on flavoring a good pot of beans when it’s storytelling time.

Joe Hayes is an award-winning, nationally acclaimed children’s book author and one of America’s premier storytellers. Whether it’s writing or telling bilingual stories or spinning outrageous yarns from his growing up, Joe is always at home celebrating the imagination of childhood. In 2010, New Mexico named Joe the New Mexico Centennial Storyteller, a storyteller so good he only comes around once every hundred years! If you want to hear Joe tell The Hal-a-loo-ya Hambone, click here.

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