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Cinco Puntos Press Goes Blogging
Cinco Puntos Press Goes Blogging March 10, 2008
--Cinco Puntos

Like independent press publishers everywhere, we get questions all the time about what we do and why we do it, so we decided to start publishing a Cinco Puntos Press Blog which will over time answer many of these questions. The blog will have news about our books and bring our readers general news and comments about the very interesting world of independent publishing. We hope you will read the blog and comment when you have the urge. Already we have three posts:

An introduction to the blog

Saying farewell to our friend LaVerne Harrell Clark, the author of a fine novel with Cinco Puntos, Keepers of the Earth.

And a discussion of our upcoming picture book, Little Zizi. This wonderful story, which has a joyous ending, is about a little boy who worries about the size of his zizi. Do you know what a zizi is?

You might also might want to read co-publisher Bobby Byrdís personal blog. Bobby is a poet and essayist, and his blog gives him an intellectual outlet for many the ideas that clutter too much his mind.

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