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by Angèle Delaunois
illustrated by Marie Lafrance
translated by Daniel Zolinski
Out of Print

“Every time, it’s the same thing! As soon as you eat something,
Señor Caca’s long voyage begins again.”

Product Details

Reading is Fundamental

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10-digit ISBN1-933693-07-X
13-digit ISBN9781933693071
LanguageBilingual - English & Spanish
Page Count24
Product Dimensions7" x 7"
Publication DateJune 1, 2007
Caca. Poop. Number two. Kids have a thousand names for it. Don’t they want to know where it comes from?
The Fantastic Voyage of Señor Caca shows kids the hows and whys.

A smart wolf in a lab coat leads kids on a journey through their digestive system!
A little girl eats an apple for a snack (crunch, crunch), and the apple drops into the esophagus (glug, glug) before a stop in the stomach. At each stop along the way the wolf explains in simple scientific terms what the body is doing. After the pit stop in the stomach, what remains of the apple must enter the small intestine (gurgle, gurgle), then the large intestine, and finally . . . well, you know. Hint: It doesn’t smell like roses here.

This delightful book marries Angèle Delaunois’ kid-sized scientific text with Marie Lafrance’s joyful kinetic illustrations to teach children what really does go on inside their bodies.
Tucson Citizen
This bilingual, kid-friendly book provides children a fun way to discover what goes on inside their bodies. When a young girl eats an apple, it’s journey is traced from the mouth and throughout the body.
- September 4, 2007 
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