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La perrita que le encantaban las tortillas

by Benjamin Alire Sáenz
illustrated by Geronimo Garcia
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Tejas Star List

Taking care of a new puppy isn't as easy as Diego and Gabriela imagined.

Product Details

10-digit ISBN1-933693-66-5
13-digit ISBN978-1-933693-66-8
LanguageBilingual - English & Spanish
Also Available InHardcover
Page Count40
Product Dimensions10 x 8
RightsAll Rights Available

This is a bilingual book for kids and dogs and even their parents. Like all kids, Little Diego and his big sister Gabriela argue over their new dog Sofie. She belongs to me, says Diego. No, she’s mine, says Gabriela. It’s only when Sofie gets really sick that they find out who their tortilla-loving pup really belongs to. Once again, Benjamin Alire Sáenz shows he understands the chemistry and dynamics of family, this time with a dog stirring up the recipe. The illustrations for The Dog Who Loved Tortillas are by Geronimo Garcia, who created the characters of Little Diego and Gabriela first introduced in Sáenz’s early best-selling title A Gift from Papá Diego (sixty thousand copies in print).

Benjamin Alire Sáenz received three starred Publishers Weekly reviews in 2008—one for his young adult novel He Forgot to Say Goodbye (Simon & Schuster) and two for his illustrated book A Perfect Season for Dreaming (Cinco Puntos Press). Long at the forefront of the emerging Latino literature in the United States, he has received both the Wallace Stegner and Lannan fellowships, and he is a recipient of the American Book Award. His young adult novel Sammy & Juliana in Hollywood was named one of the Top Ten Best Books for Young Adults in 2005. Saenz lives in El Paso, Texas.

Geronimo Garcia is a highly successful and internationally recognized graphic designer. He lives in El Paso, Texas.

Kirkus Reviews
Garcia's signature folk-inspired, sculpted clay illustrations depict a lovably goofy little mutt. Rounded shaped-heads, dog bed, tortillas and more combine with a warm palette to create a cozy, comforting atmosphere that reflects the traditions of Mexican-American family life described in the dual English/Spanish narrative. A universal message with a Latino flavor. (Picture book. 5-8)
- August 15, 2009 
full review >>
Publishers Weekly
...Sáenz’s text almost makes the book read like a short story—one that ably portrays mischievous sibling dynamics, a love of animals and the ways families come together during difficult times (Sofie falls ill at one point).
- August 10, 2009 
full review >>
Library Journal
A captivating bilingual book with close family relationships and unconditional love at its core.
- September 15, 2009 
full review >>
Tucson Citizen
Drawing on characters introduced in A Gift from Papa Diego, Diego, his big sister, Gabriela, and their parents return in this delightful story of two kids and their dog, Sophie, who is almost impossible to train until they discover her love for tortillas. This delightful bilingual tale is about sharing, family connections, and a cherished pet. (Ages 6-10)
- August 15, 2009 
Library Media Connection
K-5. This bilingual story begins as Little Diego and Gabriela reach the same conclusion: owning a dog would be a good thing. As they adopt Sofie and raise her, the brother and sister argue about whose dog she is, all the while learning that pet ownership requires lots of work. The clay-art figure illustrations are cheerful and add a high degree of interest. Elementary teachers will find the content appropriate for enrichment or in a unit about family relationships, although this dialogue-heavy book will require more than one class period for reading. Second and third year high school Spanish classes can use the text for work with the preterit and imperfect tenses.
Oneota Reading Journal
To the delight of Gabriela and Diego, their family receives a new pet, a dog named Sophie. The children have wanted a dog very badly and they are excited to teach her tricks. They teach Sophie tricks by rewarding her with Mrs. Domínguez’s tortillas. After eating too many tortillas, Sophie feels sick, but she soon begins to feel better. In this way, the family learns that eating too many tortillas is not healthy for dogs. The vocabulary used in the story is advanced but not too challenging. The message is important because many kids today want pets but do not realize the responsibilities that come along with them, or how to provide them with proper care.
New West
Benjamin Alire Sáenz‘s The Dog Who Loved Tortillas, with vibrant clay illustrations by Geronimo Garcia, will be a hit with any kid who has ever begged his parents for a dog.
- November 16, 2009 
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