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by Marcie R. Rendon
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A murdered man in a field. The sheriff calls on Cash—an almost-twenty-something tough, smart Indian woman with special seeing powers.

Product Details

10-digit ISBN978-1-941026-52-6
13-digit ISBN1-941026-52-6
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Page Count208
Product Dimensions5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Publication DateMarch 1, 2017
RightsAll Rights Available
Cash and Sheriff Wheaton make for a strange partnership. He pulled her from her mother’s wrecked car when she was three. He’s kept an eye out for her ever since. It’s a tough place to live—that part of the world where the Red River divides Minnesota and North Dakota. Cash navigated through foster homes, and at 13 was working farms. She’s tough as nails—barely over five feet, jeans and jean jacket, smokes Marlboros, drinks Bud Longnecks. Makes her living driving truck. Playing pool on the side. Wheaton is a big lawman type. Scandinavian stock, but darker skin than most. Something else in there? Cash hasn’t ever asked. He wants her to take hold of her life. Get into junior college.

So there they are, staring at the dead Indian lying in the field. Soon Cash was dreaming the dead man’s HUD house on the Red Lake Reservation, mother and kids waiting. She has that kind of knowing. That’s the place to start looking. There’s a long and dangerous way to go to find the men who killed him. Plus there’s Jim, the married white guy. And Long Braids, the Indian guy headed for Minneapolis to join the American Indian Movement.  

Marcie R. Rendon is an enrolled member of the White Earth Anishinabe Nation. She is a mother, grandmother, writer, and sometimes performance artist. A former recipient of the Loft’s Inroads Writers of Color Award for Native Americans, she studied poetry under Anishinabe author Jim Northrup. Her first children’s book, Pow Wow Summer was reprinted by the Minnesota Historical Society Press in 2014. Murder on the Red River is her first mystery.
Los Angeles Review of Books
"Marcie Rendon, a member of the White Earth Anishinabe Nation, masterfully weaves two stories in a seamless, vivid narrative."
- August 14, 2017  Visit Website
full review >>
Kirkus Reviews
"A coming of age story."
- February 1, 2017  Visit Website
full review >>
Publishers Weekly
"Feisty, sensitive, and smart."
- January 27, 2017  Visit Website
full review >>
Minneapolis Star Tribune
"This accomplished author has clearly undertaken more than a murder story … she finds new depth and an ample storytelling platform for her informed views on the historic persecution of Indians."
- March 10, 2017  Visit Website
full review >>
Twin Cities Pioneer Press
"[Marcie] Rendon delves deep into the history of Native American communities and the danger of forcing assimilation on a community outside the mainstream of American cultural norms."
- February 23, 2017  Visit Website
full review >>
Jeff Berglund, Ph.D., Director of Liberal Studies, Northern Arizona University
“Marcie Rendon’s portrait of a Native woman detective is vibrant and rooted in the complexities of history and a place haunted by a violent past that refuses to loosen its grip.”

Lisa Sandlin, The Do-Right, winner of the Dashiell Hammet award
“Marcie Rendon’s debut, Murder on Red River, features the magnetic Cash: aged-out foster child, girl pool shark, truck driver from Minnesota’s White Earth reservation. When a native man from nearby Red Lake is knifed, her cop friend Wheaton, a Longmire-type, enlists her help. Cash’s search takes her through her own hardscrabble memories of family and land sorrowfully lost—a journey that Rendon writes of with flat-out authority.”

Debbie Reese
“Cash. That’s what most people call the 19-year-old Chippewa woman Renee Blackbear in Rendon’s searing, soaring, and ultimately unflinching story of how Native people persevere in the face of policies and people that seek to destroy the essence of who they are.” 

David Beaulieu, Ph.D., Professor of American Indian Education, University of Minnesota, Duluth. Enrolled White Earth Ojibwe
“Cash’s life experiences emerge as both landscape and resource to an investigation that engages the reader to the end.”

Gwen Danfelt, Drury Lane Books
“What kept me reading was getting to know Cash under her tough exterior, watching her come to terms with her harrowing, unjust past in white foster homes and fight to stop the next generation of Indian kids from suffering the same fate. Rendon’s descriptions capture the rural layout of the Midwest in the 1970’s, expanses of farms and nothingness between small towns populated with churches and bars, and the persistent smell of wheat and earth. Not so much has changed in rural culture today.”
Kathryn Swanson, Augsburg College
"This first novel by Marcie Rendon is remarkable."
full review >>
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