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Reports from a Disappearing Line

by Bobby Byrd
not available for purchase

Product Details

10-digit ISBN0-938317-24-5
13-digit ISBN9780938317241
Page Count240
RightsAll Rights Available
National attention has turned to the U.S./Mexico Border. Immigration and drug running are big news. Politicians and theorists unfamiliar with the life of the border have seized center stage in the national debate over immigration, NAFTA, Prop. 187 in California, the Drug Wars, and English-only laws, among others. The sixteen essays gathered in The Late Great Mexican Border document the unique character of life along the U.S./Mexico Border and in so doing open a space for a dialogue about the border that is not narrow or exclusive. It is necessary that folks who have crossed back and forth across the border and have lived within its influence should have a prominent voice in national debate over issues that will impact their region.

The Late Great Mexican Border digs deeper than transitory headlines and sound bites. Each essay documents a unique form of border experience from a perspective that is based upon going back and forth across the line, by living within its influence.

  • Max Aguilera-Hellweg
  • Charles Bowden
  • Barbara Ferry
  • Guillermo Gómez-Peña
  • Teresa Leal
  • Linda Lynch
  • Rubén Martínez
  • Tom Miller
  • Gary Nabhan
  • Debbie Nathan
  • Dick Reavis
  • Luis Rodríguez
  • Richard Rodriguez
  • Benjamin Alire Sáenz
  • Luis Alberto Urrea
  • Alan Weisman
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