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A Collection of Short Fiction

by Douglas Gunn
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Product Details

10-digit ISBN0-938317-22-9
13-digit ISBN9780938317227
Page Count160
Publication DateJune 1, 1995
RightsAll Rights Available
Douglas Gunn is at home experimenting with the language and rhythms of prose. His fiction works the way a mind works, the way it talks to itself, the way it sees the world, and, especially, the way it hears. The result is an intricate style that allows insignificant events to explode with meaning.

Douglas Gunnís narratives may disturb and perplex your expectations of what language should be doing. They are meant to: Gunn has something else in mind for language. But stick with it. Youíll soon find yourself listening to variations of structure that approximate the way a mind works, the way it talks to itself, the way it sees the world, and, especially, the way it hears.

The characters most compatible with Gunnís concerns are the ordinary citizens of unofficial America. These men and women must endure the disparity between the instability in their lives and the rigid ďcommon-senseĒ structures of official ideology and conventional language.
Robert Creeley
Gunnís art is close to the film makerís, or the composerís, in that the structure of his narrative is always its most significant element. How things follow, how they are located in that passage, constitutes the complex music, or vision, of his exemplary tales.
Toby Olson
I know of no other recent writer whose language has captured the world with such authenticity. Reading Douglas Gunnís fiction, I think of John Berger on Van Gogh: ďWherever he looked he saw the labour of existence; and this labour, recognized as such, for him constituted reality."
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