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A Delpha Wade and Tom Phelan Mystery

by Lisa Sandlin
Coming July 2019

"...populated with the same snappy dialogue we’ve come to expect from Sandlin, the issues Delpha and Tom face and the terrible crimes they uncover give this story all the heft and drive one hopes for in a very good crime novel." Sheryl Cotleur, Copperfield's Books

Product Details

13-digit ISBN9781947627130
Publication DateJuly 16, 2019
After a serial killer almost murdered Delpha Wade (The Do-Right, 2015), the county hospital releases her into the handcuffs of the city police for questioning. She killed the man who was trying to kill her, and she is, after all, an ex-con. It’s still Beaumont, 1970s, and mindsets don’t change along the Texas Gulf Coast. Her boss, the neophyte private detective Tom Phelan, awaits her, and soon they are once again in deep shit. It seems like an easy case—one Bird brother looking for the long-lost other—but turns out that one brother is a murderer. He likes to slit throats. But which one? Maybe the young girl who sees into the dark places of human hearts can help. But only Delpha is wise enough to listen.
Booklist (Advanced review, uncorrected)
"Like her award-winning debut, The Do-Right (2015), also starring Delpha Wade, Sandlin sequel soars on the wings of its its spot-on evocation of a time and place and its utterly compelling central charcters, Delpha and Tom, as their mutual respect and trust grows along with a dash of sexual tension. A first-rate series crying for word-of-mouth support…"
- Michele Leber, May 1, 2019 
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