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by Pat Littledog
Very limited availability. Call if you need more info.

Product Details

10-digit ISBN0-938317-15-6
13-digit ISBN9780938317159
Page Count128
Publication DateJuly 1, 1996
RightsAll Rights Available
In Search of the Holy Mother of Jobs relates the unapologetic, sometimes painful and often hilarious reflections of a Hell yes! Texas woman doing her level best to make a living.

In Search of the Holy Mother of Jobs is a hilarious piece of fiction that wants to be a treatise on woman’s work. The protagonist—a left-handed, eccentric, impractical, idealistic, and procrastination woman—insists that she must be a wife and mother, she must also be a writer, but, like anybody else, she must be a person who earns enough of a living to keep body, soul and family together. The book’s grace comes from her vision, a sort of insistent, surrealistic—deadly at times, comical at others, but always heroic—struggle with the world.
Carolyn See
If Charles Lamb was a woman and a Texan, and wrote about drugs, sex, rock ‘n roll, reptiles and unemployment, he’d be Pat Littledog! This fearless being gives new and wonderful meaning to the phrase, ‘Familiar Essay’.
The Texas Observer
"In her most recent book (In Search of The Holy Mother of Jobs), Pat Littledog sets out to write an economic theory of women's work. Instead, she walks her reader barefoot across the fragments of theory into a life that fits no discernable discipline, reaching out to anyone who has ever been broke, irresolute, giddy, expansive, confident, demoralized and badly in need of a job.

LittleDog confronts labor with poetry, and a symbolism peculiar to Texas. Roaches flutter through the pages, feeding on the rising waters of a rich fantasy life that mingles sex and death with the work that keeps body and soul together."
Austin Statesman
"LittleDog's freshness always lends vigor to her storytelling."
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