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A Bilingual Songbook for Kids

by Tish Hinojosa
illustrated by Lucia Angela Perez
currently not available.

Southwest Book Award

Product Details

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10-digit ISBN0-938317-79-2
13-digit ISBN9780938317791
LanguageBilingual - English & Spanish
Also Available InHardcover, CD
Page Count56
Publication DateApril 1, 2004
Starred Review5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars - see reviews
RightsAll Rights Available
Do you like to dance?
Do you like to daydream?
Do you like to get up and shout?

Then this book is for you. There's every kind of song and rhythm in Cada Niño: from country western to lullaby, conjunto to pop. These songs will have you tapping your toes and clapping your hands in no time—in both Spanish and English!

In Cada Niño / Every Child, acclaimed singer/songwriter Tish Hinojosa presents 11 bilingual songs, especially for kids. These infectious tunes will teach children about the rich mixture of Latino and American culture and tradition that is spreading out from the border across the United States. Lyrics, music and guitar chords will help kids, parents and teachers sing and play these wonderful songs themselves. This is Tish Hinojosa’s debut songbook with all the tunes from her award-winning bilingual CD for kids.

"A joyful, vibrant book which will bring pleasure to the entire family."
—José Luis Orozco, author of the bilingual songbook De Colores

Críticas 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
Hinojosa puts her clear voice and loving childhood memories to good use in this bilingual songbook and music CD. The catchy tunes, carefully annotated in the illustrated songbook, will appeal to a wide range of ages. Songs such as the lullaby “Señora Santa Ana,” are truly beautiful in Hinojosa’s a cappella rendition. Colorful and animated, the lavishly illustrated songbook is a pleasure to peruse. While children pore over the many details of the pictures, parents and teachers can check on the musical notes and guitar chords. Highly recommended for school libraries, classroom use, and public libraries. Bookstores should also do a brisk business selling this set to Mexican American communities.
Hinojosa has gathered 11 traditional, original, and adapted songs to celebrate both Hispanic culture and universal experiences and feelings. A brief author’s note in English and Spanish prefaces the music, with chords and melody, and verses in both languages. The English translations are occasionally awkward, but the feelings behind them shine through. Lovely, bright, folk-art illustrations, brimming with pattern play and whimsical details, create magical worlds of familiar objects and experiences as they incorporate cultural elements. A chord index is appended. Adult help may be necessary, as kids must read music to sing along; a CD is available for separate purchase.
Publishers Weekly
Those wishing to expand their repertoire will appreciate the 11 original songs collected by Tish Hinojosa in both English and Spanish in Cada Niño/Every Child: A Bilingual Songbook for Kids, illus. by Lucia Angela Perez.

Melody line, guitar chords and piñata-bright mixed-media folk art provide lively accompaniment.
I loved this book and compact disc!! Tish Hinojosa has written some enchanting songs. My young daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed both listening to and following along with the songs in the book. We loved listening to her beautiful voice as she sang the songs in a combination of spanish and english. The book includes not only the music but also fun introductions to each piece.
The book reminds me of a patchwork quilt of memories and dreams!! The illustrator Lucia Angela Perez did a wonderful job of adding creative illustrations to each page.
Our absolute favorite song was "Siempre Abuelita" or "Always Grandma", a great tribute to a grandma who wasn't much of a cook, but was a wonderful storyteller. The tune and lyrics stay with you long after the song is over!
ForeWord Magazine
“You may think vegetables lead a dull life. But here we find the garden vegetables having a wild party under a late night moon,” goes the introduction (in both Spanish and English) to “El Baile Vegetal” (“The Barnyard Dance”), where “the vegetables gave a spree. They put up a sign, said the dance is at nine, and all the admissions were free… when old man cucumber struck up a number, you should’ve heard those vegetables scream…Little tomata, agitada, shook the shimmy with the sweet potato…”
This is one of the eleven lively songs in Cada Niño / Every Child, a new bilingual songbook by the well-known singer and performer Tish Hinojosa, who grew up in San Antonio, Texas and has presented her own songs—based on traditional, folk, and pop Mexican music—all over the world. The collection, written especially for children, is profusely illustrated by Lucia Angela Perez, with a jazzy picture on the cover. Perez, although studio-trained, paints with an almost unimaginable range of colors in a style that has all the vitality of the best of a growing school of “outsider” art. Their joint venture, plus the admirable effort of Cinco Puntos Press and a grant from the National Endowment of the Arts, has produced a publisher’s dream book at an affordable price.
The lyrics are presented in both Spanish and English, and music scores are provided, keyed with chords for both guitar and piano. The songs beg for rendition, are easy to play and easy to sing, and should be a delight for children, both visually and rhythmically, and an inspiration for teachers.
With the growing prevalence of bilingual programs in schools across the country, what better introduction can a child have to the joys of adopting another language than music? Language, when wedded to music, is dance, is flying, is the key to a common understanding and a shared emotional life. The tenderness of “Siempre Abuelita / Always Grandma” is illustrated with a painting of museum quality. Expect a Caldecott Award when this book is widely distributed, which it most certainly will be.
School Library Journal
Eleven simple, positive, catchy songs are presented with bilingual lyrics. The music is given with guitar chords for the melodies only, and is paired with both English and Spanish words so that the fit to the tune is clear. Following the pairing of music and words, the lyrics are listed in poem form, without music, in both languages. These selections are just the ticket for bilingual music lessons or interactive storyhours. Each song is accompanied by a stunning full-page mixed-media illustration, combining bright acrylics with the effect of cut paper. Vibrant colors and busy scenes have undeniable verve and child appeal. A visual index of guitar chords is appended, but the volume also lies flat enough to balance with ease on a piano, allowing music teachers to sounds out the tun for children. A good companion book to José-Luis Orozco’s Diez Deditos (Dutton, 1997), which is aimed at the younger end of the spectrum addressed here.
San Antonio Express-News
So often authors, singers, even actors, when they get to a certain point in their careers, suddenly produce a book for children. This is so obviously a market-driven phenomenon that one is generally well advised simply to move on down the bookshelf. But what a delight it is when a truly talented “star” produces one of these books from the heart. Tish Hinojosa’ new bilingual songbook for youngsters is just such a work.
An illustrated version of her award-winning CD for children, “Cada Niño / Every Child” is a substantial addition to the growing number of children’s books by Latina/Latino authors. And it could hardly be more from the heart. These songs stem directly from Hinojosa’s experience as a bilingual South Texas Chicana, as a mother and as a musician with a wide range of stylistic influences.
Growing up on Guenther Street just south of downtown San Antonio, Hinojosa was the youngest of 13 children. The house was full of music, from her parents’ norteño and conjunto to her siblings’ classical, folk and rock ‘n’ roll. She began playing guitar as a young teen and has gone on to record numerous CDs. Along the way, she has played the White House, toured Europe and elsewhere, and carried la alma bilingüe de San Antonio with her all the way.
Hinojosa’s songs (both for children and adults) are not just Spanish songs with a translation (or vice versa), but works that truly code-switch back and forth as the spirit moves her. For the country’s growing number of children for whom Tex-Mex, as Hinojosa labels it, is the natural idiom, “Cada Niño” is a comfortably familiar musical feast.
“Cada Niño” is illustrated by Fort Worth artist Lucia Angela Perez with bright, simple paintings reminiscent of Carmen Lomas Garza’s work, but with a hint of the fantastic, as in the cover picture that shows a child playing a violin, levitating on a cloud. (and yes, there is a bit of resemblance there to Hinojosa’s own violinist daughter, Nina). The music itself is presented clearly, with guitar chords indicated.
Midwest Book Review
Ably written by Tish Hinojosa, Cada Nino/Every Child: A Bilingual Songbook For Kids is an extremely vibrant and eye-catching picturebook enhanced with colorful illustrations by Lucia Angela Perez and featuring simple songs with enjoyable easy lyrics in both English and Spanish. The songs can be played on the piano or other instrument by anyone with average or better skill, and enjoyed by the whole family. Each song features a brief passage in both English and Spanish introducing its origin and meaning. A great way to help young children learn two languages better and a most enjoyable family activity, Cada Nino/Every Child is highly recommended for family, school, and community library bi-lingual picturebook and songbook collections.
The subtitle to this wonderful collection is A BILINGUAL SONGBOOK FOR KIDS, and each song in the introduction to it is in both English and Spanish. Those who know Tish Hinojosa and the work she has done will recognize the kind of song she brings to this book, like "Siempre Abuelita/Always Grandma" or "Simplemente por Amor/Simply for Love." The melody line is reproduced for each song, as well as chord notations for both guitar and piano.

There is a separate CD available for purchase that would be useful in the classroom. The songs are magnificently illustrated in Mexican folk art style by Perez. Every bilingual classrooms should have the song collection, and everyone else should consider it.
This companion songbook to Tish Hinojosa’s most bilingual album yet is a treasure as multi-faceted as it is multicultural. It is truly for CADA NINO/EVERY CHILD. This popular Chicana songwriter and singer has collaborated with new artists Lucia Angela Perez to create a visual package that is as lively and lyrical as her songs. Perez’ illustrations put one in mind of Carmen Lomas Garza at her best. Visual complexity, movement and vibrant energy are seen in every panel. Their folkloric quality is unmistakable and ideally suited to the joyous children’s songs that will take their rightful place alongside those of JOse Luis Orozco. The melodies’ playful fun and gentleness will enliven and touch hearts of all ages. Hinojosa’s explanation of the artistic and cultural origins of each song adds a warm personal touch. Piano music, guitar chords and full lyrics are included. Highly recommended for elementary school and public libraries.
New Mexico Kids
This songbook has all the tunes from the author’s bilingual CD for kids that was a 1997 ALA Notable Children’s Recording and winner of the Parent’s Choice Gold Award in 1996. Every song is presented in both English and Spanish along with the lyrics, music and guitar chords so that adults and children can play the songs themselves. Most of the 11 songs are Hinojosa’s original compositions, mixing the fun of being a kid with the musical excitement of both Mexico and her native Texas. In folkart tradition, the illustrations combine the joy of childhood with the wild, uninhibited colors of Mexico. The well-produced bilingual CD with the same songs is available through stores and online at $17.98.
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