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My Tata's Remedies / Los remedios de mi Tata

Midwest Book Review

My Tata's Remedies / Los remedios de mi tata

“My Tata’s Remedies (Los remedios de mi tata)” is a beautiful illustrated bilingual story of the loving, traditional use of special home remedies from healing plants that grow in the American Southwest. Each pair of pages presents a lovely color portrait illustration facing two paragraphs of narrative, first in English, with Spanish expressions, and second in Spanish. A boy asks his Tata to teach him healing remedies that he makes from herbs, flowers, teas and plants. His Tata gladly complies, beginning with a ritual gesture of a healing clap and saying, “Sana, sana colita de rana, si no sanas hoy, sanaras manana.” (“I'll kiss it and rub it and make it go away, now that you're better, you can go out and play.”) Different plants offer different remedies, and each is shown in flower illustrations to the side of the page of text. Special healing plants include Arnica Montana, Creosote bush, Cat’s Claw, Aloe Vera, Elderberry, Century Plant/Maguey, Eucalyptus leaves, Mullein flowers, Mexican Thistle, Linden tea, whole Cloves, Porter's Lovage, Rue, Aztec Marigold and Hummingbird Flowers. Each remedy is prescribed for a specific complaint, and the preparation and treatment are also explained. Another component of healing is provided in the hot chocolate and empanadas of Nana, the boy’s grandmother. A wonderful day of learning about healing plants and their applications is passed, with fun and joy mixed in with discomfort or pain. Each page brings new ways to approach minor illnesses and problems using traditional, natural remedies from the Southwest, Hispanic traditions. “My Tata’s Remedies” is a beautiful bicultural book presenting healing herb lore laced with love in an Hispanic tradition, with roots in the American Southwest. A Glossary of Medicinal Herbs and Remedies is included at the end, with colored illustrations of flowers and plants and descriptions in both English and Spanish of their properties and uses.
- Midwest Book Review , July 20, 2015  Visit Website

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