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Crane Boy

Midwest Book Review

Crane Boy is the beautiful story of a boy in Bhutan who loved the return of the black-necked cranes to his valley each year. To especially honor the black-necked cranes, and to protect and encourage them, the boy, Kinga, decided to help create a special children’s crane dance to celebrate the migrating black-necked cranes, whose numbers have been diminished to 203 in recent years. An ancient Bhutan tradition holds that the trung, or cranes, bring good luck to their crops each year, and strength to the Bhutanese archers. Kinga asks special permission from the monks to begin planning a new festival, to celebrate the cranes with a crane dance performed by children. A monk named Sangay helps the children to begin by observing the cranes so they can dance like cranes. The monks have danced traditional dances for centuries, and many hours of practice are required to learn to dance these dances. However, the children will be encouraged to create their own crane dance, under the supervision of the monks. Kinga and the students work hard observing the cranes, learning the steps, and creating special crane costumes and crane-like movements. A wonderful new Crane festival is danced and performed, and even the King of Bhutan attends, giving his blessing. Kinga is renamed Crane Boy because of his dedication to help create the Crane Festival and dance. Beautiful paintings of Crane Boy and the students learning their Crane dance steps decorate the pages of this amazing book. Special acknowledgements are made of the Crane Festival, held on November 11 each year in Bhutan since 1998, many environmental educators and protectors, and the International Crane Foundation. Crane Boy was made possible by a network of kind Bhutanese teachers, guides, hosts, and families, and also the Royal Society for Protection of Nature in Bhutan.
- Midwest Book Review , November 15, 2015  Visit Website

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