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Lone Star Noir

Austin Chronicle
"What makes Texas noir different from any other noir? Is it just that the gumshoes wear cowboy boots? [...] Akashic Books finally turns its attention to the biggest state in the Lower 48, but all that land just means more places to bury the bodies. As father-son editing partnership Bobby and Johnny Byrd observe in their introduction, this isn't J.R. Ewing's Lone Star State. This is the Texas of chicken shit bingo, Enron scamsters, and a feeling that what happens in Mexico stays in Mexico. So what defines Texas noir? Who knows, but you better pray that blood doesn't stain your belt buckle."
- Richard Whittaker, October 15, 2010 
Austin American-Statesman
"Lone Star Noir is a solid collection. Heck, it better be the state's red clay looks like dried blood. Noir grows out of the ground here."
- Joe Gross, October 12, 2010 
Dallas Morning News
"Lone Star Noir's 14 hard-boiled short stories take readers into life's ragged edges, along grim roads that lead "to the tail end of everything, 'to places where "a plain bare bulb swings overhead, casting a dizzying light,' and into the company of Texans who understand 'guns and dope and greed and hatred and delusion ...'"
- Si Dunn, October 31, 2010 
Library Journal
"Sure to be of regional interest and to appeal to fans of noir or 'dark' fiction, this spicy black brew of sinister thrills is not for the squeamish or the easily offended."
Kirkus Reviews
"Unsettling and shivery"
Pluma Fronteriza
"Sure, you might catch a glimpse of J.R. and old Woodrow Call, like a shadow at the edge of your sight, feel their heat at your back, catch a whiff of the dead flowers which are their Texas dreams. This is basic food stuff for a Texas writer telling a story, but the story must always stay true to its place and the people who live there. That's the strength of these stories in Lone Star Noir the particular place they come from, the language that the characters speak. Yes, they are piece of the larger puzzle which is Texas, but they are more true to the piece of ground they reveal. Texas, in all its many places, bleeds noir fiction."

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