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Reading is Fundamental
Teacher's Resources

Your books are FABULOSO! I am a librarian in an elementary school that has a large Hispanic population and a bilingual language program.  I use your books more to read aloud from more than books from any other press.  They were kindly donated by a friend who lives in New Mexico .  In a time when the magic of reading is often lost to our children who view books and reading as an arduous task, your books delight and entertain and teach kids to want to read! GRACIAS!

—Greta Mesics, The Estrella Library,

Healdsburg Elementary School, Healdsburg, California

Cinco Puntos has made a name for itself as a publisher of authentic voices in multicultural children's literature. We take pride in our bilingual children's books and the traditional folktales from various cultures in our books. Cinco Puntos' books are perfect for  the classroom! With the help of some outstanding educators, we have prepared teachers' guides for many of our titles.

Now you can watch Joe Hayes tell stories online! The Cinco Puntos Press blog has two of his most popular stories:
Joe Hayes tell A Spoon for Every Bite / Una Cuchara para cada bocada in English and Spanish
WATCH Joe Hayes tell The Gum Chewing Rattler

ABeCedarios: Mexican Folk Art ABCs in English and Spanish
Written by Cynthia Weill and K.B. Basseches
Wood Sculptures from Oaxaca by Moisés & Armando Jiménez
Want to know more about the creators of the beautiful ABeCedarios? Click here for a quick introduction to the craftsmen from Oaxaca and how they make these delicate colorful animals. For the teachers guide to ABeCedarios, click here .

Opuestos: Mexican Folk Art Opposites in English and Spanish
by Cynthia Weill
Wood Sculptures from Oaxaca by Quirino and Martín Santiago
This is the second book in the the Mexican Folk Art Concepts series by Cynthia Weill. Here is a useful teachers guide to Opuestos, perfect to
use in the classroom or at home.

Colores de la Vida: First Concepts in Mexican Folk Art
Written by Cynthia Weill
Wood Sculptures from Oaxaca
Cynthia Weill returns to Oaxaca and visits with artist Rubi Fuentes for the amazing wood carvings in Colores.  Click here to see photos from Cynthia's trip and learn how the book's cover model "Leoncito" was created!
The Bee Tree
Written by Stephen Buchmann and Diana Cohn
Illustrated by Paul Mirocha
The Bee Tree is the perfect resource for any classroom! Astoundingly beautiful illustrations illuminate this story based on the cultural tradition of honey hunters in the dense rain forests of Malaysia. This teacher's guide has an abundance of information about pollinators, Malaysian culture, environmental studies, Asian studies, geography, ecology and the traditions of the indigenous honey hunters. The last section of the book has an educational trailer with information about all of these subjects.
Cecilia's Year
by Susan and Denise Gonzales Abraham
The teacher's guide and the handouts for Cecilia's Year has been prepared by authors Susan and Denise Gonzales Abraham with help from educator Helen Buchanan.

Crossing Bok Chitto
by Tim Tingle 
The critics are raving about Crossing Bok Chitto! The New York Times featured it along with numerous starred reviews from magazines like Publisher's Weekly. Here is the teacher's guide written by the author, Tim Tingle.

Double Crossing
by Eve Tal
Based on the experience of the author's grandfather at the turn of the twentieth century, this novel starts off as archetypal Jewish coming-to-America story. Raizel, 12, leaves the Ukraine with her father , a devout peddler who flees pogroms and conscription into the Czar's army, intending to send for the rest of his family later. Eve Tal wrote this teacher's guide including a brief introduction to Jewish history and a glossary of Judaism.

Two professors discuss Double Crossing from different perspectives in First Opinion-Second Reaction published by Purdue University. Take a look at the PDF here.

Gabi, A Girl In Pieces
by Isabel Quintero
This book has received five starred reviews as of its publication date! As Gabi prepares for her senior year of high school, she hopes to go to college, kiss a boy, pass her math class and (maybe) lose some weight. She soon realizes that her life is full of surprises, drama, and change. This teacher's guide is aligned with CCSS standards for literature for grades 8-9. Download the teacher's guide.

House of Purple Cedar
by Tim Tingle
Teachers' Guide

Little Gold Star / Estrellita de oro
A Cinderella Cuento by Joe Hayes
Teachers' Guide written by Kyann McMillie, first-grade dual language teacher and 2004 Texas Elementary Teacher of the Year, and Leticia Rivera, first grade dual language teacher. Lety and Kyann team teach at Canutillo Elementary School, Canutillo Independent School District, El Paso, Texas.

by Roni Capin Rivera-Ashford with illustrations by Antonio Castro L.
Teachers' Guide
Recipient of a 2016 Pura Belpré Illustrator Honor Book Award. "[A]n intergenerational story about how a grandfather (Tata) heals and cares for his family, friends and neighbors. From his Tata, Aaron learns first hand the significance of healing with a tender touch of wisdom and medicinal herbs. Expertly rendered, realistic images encompass diverse expression, movement and emotion."

Sammy and Juliana in Hollywood
by Benjamin Alire Saenz
This book offers an opportunity for rich theme-based discussions. The story allows students to learn from Sammy as he experiences some of life's difficult transitions which include:  first love, friends moving, high school graduation, heartbreak, personal sense of loss, issues of alienation, and the death of both family and friends. This guide was prepared by educator Helen Buchanan .
Sélavi: A Haitian Story of Hope
by Youme Landowne
This book offers high appeal content and meaningful artwork for readers of all ages. For classroom applications, it serves as an effective discussion tool and is most suited for the upper primary or lower elementary grade reader. This guide was prepared by educator Helen Buchanan.

by Diana Cohn
Two educators have developed lesson plans for Si, Se Puede! Marcy Fink Campos has also developed a lesson plan that is primarily for 3rd to 5th grade students.

Surprising Cecilia
by Susan and Denise Gonzales Abraham
The authors have written this great teacher's guide and handouts for Surprising Cecilia, the sequel to Cecilia's Year.

Tell Me a Cuento / Cuéntame un Story
 Joe Hayes
4 Stories in English and Spanish

Teachers' Guides written by Susannah Mississippi Byrd, in collaboration with Joe Hayes

Mariposa, Mariposa
Teachers' Guide

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Oh! / Lunes, Martes, Miércoles, ¡Oh!
Teachers' Guide

No Way, José! / ¡No Ninguna Manera, José!
Teachers' Guide

The Terrible Tragadabas / El Terrible Tragadabas
Teachers' Guide

This Thing Called the Future
by J.L. Powers
This teachers guide, developed by the author, contains beautiful images from South Africa along with discussion questions related to HIV and AIDS, traditional healing vs. western medicine, as well as role playing assignments related to civics and social science.
by Luis Alberto Urrea
The rhythmic quality of the poem, “Hymn to Vatos Who Will Never Be in a Poem" and the visual richness of the photographs in this remarkable book provide an opportunity to introduce young adult readers to reading as a multi-modal and multi-sensory experience. Since the text in Vatos is minimal and the pictures literally are worth more than a thousand words, the book serves as an excellent tool for reducing anxiety and increasing comfort levels for those students who struggle with reading. This teacher's guide, prepared by educator Helen Buchanan, provides activities and discussion prompts designed to increase oral and written language skills, develop visual literacy, and foster reading as a way to make connections.
Walking Home to Rosie Lee
by A.LaFaye
In this teacher's guide, design by literary specialist Yvonne E. Furniss, students can study the emotional and political aspects of Reconstruction, as well as the visual symbolism found in this beautifully illustrated children's book.  
Walking the Choctaw Road
by Tim Tingle 
Walking the Choctaw Road won the Oklahoma Reads Oklahoma Statewide Literary Book Contest for 2005! Here is a link to the discussion guide that Oklahoma Reads Oklahoma created after Walking the Choctaw Road won first place.

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